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Dietary Accommodations

You will see bacon at breakfast, but we otherwise do not serve pork on the island. Neither do we serve shellfish (clams, oysters etc). We use host and cater to vegetarians and guests with serious allergies. We have a had a number of guests with nut allergies for example, and our staff are fully aware of the consequences of anaphylactic shock and take great care to avoid using nuts under such circumstances. We do however suggest you make your dietary requirements known to the kitchen staff on arrival. We ask for at least 48 hours notice so we can ensure to meet your specific needs.

Everyone is uniformly complimentary about our food. They really are. Three meals a day are included in your booking. We generally serve large family-style meals with a variety of main and side dishes. Guests may choose where and when they dine and no one ever goes away hungry!


We normally serve Western and Indonesian-style dishes. These include grilled or barbecued fish, squid, prawns, beef and chicken as well as curries of all description. There are side dishes which include fresh garden salads, pasta salads, boiled/steamed leafy greens and grilled aubergine/egg plant (an island favorite). Prawn and tofu kebabs appear from time-to-time as do satay sticks. Our home-made salad dressing is raved about as is our freshly-baked bread. We serve fresh fruit, mango sticky rice and sometimes sago as well as home-made cakes for dessert—the almond cake has now been perfected. But just in case you think we are biased, here are some quotes from recent guests:

We really enjoyed the simple, family style Indonesian cooking and were particularly impressed by the fresh fruit and vegetables.

The food is real Indonesian, for every meal you get a set menu with a wide selection of meat, sea food, fish, vegetables, salad, rice, pasta etc., very yummie! Beside the regular meals we got treated with a different snack around 4 pm every day! Everything always freshly cooked or baked!

The food was simple but fresh and delicious. Dinners were a real treat as they were set in a different location every evening and the staff made a real effort with the decor and setup.

We found the food perfect for the setting with a nice mix of children's options as well as interesting adult selections like chili crab and local fish options. 

The food and refreshments were of a very high standard and every evening was a new experience, dining by the pool and on the beach!!!

Other Special Requests

We are happy to accomodate special meal requests and are able to secure lobster, turkey and whole lamb with prior notice. On a number of occasions guests have brought frozen turkeys from Singapore (as they are not available in our part of Indonesia) and our cooks have produced veritable feasts for Christmas as well as Thanksgiving holiday celebrations.

You are welcome to put any of your own food in our fridge. We do not have a shop on the island. If you are going to crave chocolate for example or marshmallows for the evening fire, you’ll have to bring your own. But trust us, you’re unlikely to be hungry at any point.


Cocktails & Spirits

To many, this is the most important part of the trip! We have a well-stocked bar at the Pool Pavilion with a good selection of spirits. With a blender on the island, we are capable of making many of your favorites! We charge Rp40k per cm (in the bottle, not your glass).

Corkage Rates

We charge Rp150k for each bottle of wine and/or champagne and Rp250k for each bottle of hard liquor and/or spirits brought to the island. We do not allow guests to bring their own soft drinks or beer.

Billing for Drinks

We operate on an honesty system. All drinks consumed over the stay are noted and a single, itemized invoice is presented to the group before departure and included in your bill. It's up to you to divide it up and distribute as you see fit.

Pricing and availability are subject to change. ++ denotes 10% government tax and 5% service charge. Please contact our Reservation Team for an updated list of drinks, wines and prices. 

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