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Enjoy some extra comforts when you and your family join us at Pulau Joyo to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Our private island guests can enjoy all the activities listed below and more.


Our pool is located at the center of the island and is 25 meters long and 4 meters deep. The large pool house is home to our well-stocked bar and sound system, in addition to being THE place for chilling out and relaxing during your stay at Joyo Private Island Beach Resort. 


Joyo Resort is pleased to provide projector movies for our guests. We find that parents really appreciate the ability to let their kids wind down the evening with a movie from our collection. We also have television available for special broadcasts at the pool pavilion. Please ask our staff for more information.


There is a Government mandated "No Fish Zone" 400 meters from the reef drop off. Joyo Private Island Beach Resort offers top-of-the-line snorkel gear free of charge. The Eastern tip of the island is where the fish are and the best coral is to the South.



Feeling competitive or just want to bond with friends, family or colleagues? Bocce ball is one of the many private island activities we offer to our guests that can help you achieve commradery amongst your group. 


With a full size beach volleyball court available on the island, we are also able to offer badminton as one of the many recreational activities you can choose from. Can't find a partner to play? Don't be shy! Ask one of our friendly staff members. 


Joyo Resort has sea kayaking equipment available for your enjoyment. Grab a life vest and make a journey around the island to take in the scenic views and majestic waters surrounding Indonesia's Riau Archipelago.


Located in our pool pavilion behind the bar, table tennis (ping pong) is one of the many activities you can enjoy while at Joyo Private Island Beach Resort. 


Joyo Resort has surfing kayaks in addition to sea kayaks for your enjoyment. If you've never sailed before, our staff is happy to assist in teaching you.


Looking for something to do after dinner or during the brief rain showers we occasionally experience on the private island resort? Stop by our pool table for a friendly game of 8-ball with your family, friends or colleagues. 


Fishing trips away from the island can be arranged for entire island booking. Generally, this is Indonesian-style fishing where the boat crew will show you how to bait a hook which is then hung over the side. We have a few fishing rods but you are welcome to bring your own. Our sailors can arrange bait.


The staff at Joyo Resort want you to sit back and relax while you escape from the blur of work that city life requires. To help you achieve this the highest level of relaxation, we offer personalized massages in our Bale houses at an additional cost.  


Challenge your family and friends to a game of beach volleyball on our lovely sand court. Nestled between the beach and the pavillion, you're sure to enjoy a game in the serene surroundings. 


Take some time away from the white sand beaches and pool to slow down with a board game that you can enjoy with your family, friends or colleagues. We have a large variety of games including Chess, Monopoly, Backgammon, Checkers, Scrabble, Upwords, Taboo, Pictionary and Jenga.  


Stay active while at Joyo Private Island Resort by challenging your friends, family or colleagues to a game of football or soccer. We'll provide the ball and the beautiful tropical island setting to make your match memorable!


And you thought a secluded private island dinner on a white sand beach surrounded by tiki torches and sparkling lights couldn't get much better. Keep the conversation going under the stars with the beautiful glow of a bonfire setup up just for you and your loved ones.


Many guests have requested fireworks for their celebrations on Joyo Resort and we are very happy to accommodate. Please provide notice of this request at least 2 days in advance. Firework packages start at SGD $195. 


Whether you're lounging in a beach chair or perched on some driftwood long our white sand beach, Joyo Resort has great spots to catch breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. The island is an ideal size that doesn't require a far walk to view either one of these gorgeous natural events. 


Far removed from the hustle and bustle of Singapore, Joyo Resort offers you star gazing you without the light pollution of the busy city. Find a place to perch on the beach after dinner and enjoy the tranquility that Joyo Resort offers.

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